SpecOps Mugs ordered October 09 2012

 Ordered new SpecOps mugs today. Should be with us soon. Will get a photo up as soon as I have one in my hand!

Feedback already September 13 2012

 OK - I have just had word from Jasper that there is an interest in a SpecOps T Shirt in black. Hmmm. Sounds good to me. We are just investigating - will let you know the outcome.

Also interest in more ladies sizes. This is a very good point. I will definitely make more sizes available. Any t shirts printed from now on will have more womens sizes than just XS. 

All will be updated very soon.

New photographs up! September 12 2012

 I have managed to grab a sunny moment between the rain showers and snap some pics of the t shirts for the site. I hope to add more very soon with actual human beings inside them instead of a tailor's dummy.

But for the moment I think these look much better than the old shop images which were very dated.

Here's the Khaki Dodo design outside our barn doors...

And this is what the view looked like this morning - very misty at 07.15am...

Toast Mugs September 10 2012

 Should we make more mugs?

I like the Toast mug myself, but SpecOps might be pretty good too. Which would be your preferred mug design?

Monday Morning September 10 2012

Now I need some models so that I can photograph the t shirts. My pics are very old and worked OK on the old store. Who can I persuade to don a SpecOps t Shirt and be on the site?

Getting the right photograph is harder than it looks - I think this might take a little longer than expected...

Getting there... September 07 2012

This is a little confusing as to the difference between blogs and articles...

First Post September 06 2012

The time came to bite the bullet and build a new shop for the Goliath store. It has been a long time coming and apologies to anyone who had problems with the old site as it slowly fell apart! It was very old and creaky.

Now we are here with a new, shiny shop and are slowly learning how to make everything work...