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November 2021 November 15 2021

Hello and huge apologies if you have been trying to pay using Paypal Express - the account was limited due to new rules, but I have now answered all the questions and hopefully it will work again soon.

I have been trying to go through all the products and make sure everything is correct and in order. If you do have any questions please do get in touch and let me know.

I do work during the week and so it may sometimes take me a little time to get back to you. At the moment I'm either up scaffolding restoring old buildings or researching women in local history. I have been working with a fab gallery called Flaming Lady of Hay. You can see their website here: flaminglady.com




The Constant Rabbit out in Paperback July 22 2021

Hello - once again it has been ages since the last post! We have had a few lockdowns here in Wales and Granny Goliath is now back home and remains Covid free.

Today is publication day for The Constant Rabbit and has provoked a little cleaning up at Goliath Towers. We have added the paperback to the products available so you can order a signed copy with a free postcard.


Jasper has produced the following to mark the day...


Publication of The Constant Rabbit



There are a few other books that you will see are marked as 'Sold Out' at the moment - this is because they are being reprinted by the publishers and we are awaiting their delivery. Some of them are taking a while so we didn't want anyone waiting in vain and decided to mark them as unavailable for the moment. Hopefully they will be back up on the shopfront soon.


The Constant Rabbit


June 2020 June 05 2020

Hello - Goliath are not very good at committing to blog posts!

We are still operating at Goliath Towers during Covid-19 but are juggling orders with only being able to travel short distances, home schooling the Goliath kids and looking after Granny Goliath who is now 93! Apologies if we are a bit late with orders - we will get to you.

Our lovely printers at Old Forest Arts have said that they will print Fiction Island posters this weekend so if you have ordered a poster and it has not arrived yet it should be with you soon. Very sorry if you ordered back in April. We know it's a long wait - but we hope you understand.

Jasper is gearing up for the release of The Constant Rabbit which comes out next month. We will not be selling hardbacks as Independent booksellers need your purchases so much right now. Keep an eye on jasperfforde.com for updates and fun stuff.

Keep safe and stay well




New Kazam Mugs now in store October 25 2013

It's taken a while - but we have just added the new Kazam mugs to the shop.

They are a simple white mug with the Kazam logo - Mystical Arts Management

Also added are a limited number of USA paperbacks of "The Last Dragonslayer"

Once these are gone we will not be getting any more in - so grab one now!

Also in the news....


Jasper is putting the finishing touches to "The Eye of Zoltar" - more on that soon.



Librarian T Shirts now in August 05 2013

So the t shirts have arrived and are now available online

They are available in both black and navy blue and in Mens and Ladies sizes


Here at Goliath we have been busy and just mailed out a Mailchimp newsletter about the new t shirts. Did you know that you can now download a QR code for everything on the planet! This seems so blatantly Goliathesque.

Here's the QR code for the newsletter:

JurisFiction T Shirts being reprinted July 01 2013

Goliath are GO on reprinting the JurisFiction design - this time with added size choices.

We are adding a ladies fitted range as well as the normal straight T Shirt option. So there wil be a choice of Ladies in Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small.

These should be ready in a couple of weeks and we have altered the permissions on the shop so that you can pre-order them now for shipping in late July.

Been a long time... April 19 2013

 Hello - Goliath has been neglecting the blog lately. There is just too much to do!

However the weather has been getting better and the days are getting longer (if only there were a few more hours)

Unfortunately the biggest news has been the raise in postal prices in the UK. This happens every April, but this year there was a complete overhaul in the parcel sending system and it is now rather more complex and quite a bit more expensive. We can only apologise.

It is less expensive if you are buying from overseas to have it shipped by "Surface" - but please remember that this will take longer. In the case of Australia, sometimes up to 12 weeks!

Happy Saint David's Day - Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus! March 01 2013

 Happy Saint David's Day - Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus from all of us here at Goliath Towers

We are spending today dressed up as Welsh Ladies and Daffodils to celebrate our national day and will be partaking in a big bowl of cawl for lunch with leeks for pudding.

After that a spot of Twmpath dancing...

Hwyl pawb


Shades of Grey Infoganda - No. 3 - Yateveo February 05 2013

 Here is number three in the series of Shades of Grey infogandas

New Charcoal Dodo t shirt now in stock February 01 2013

 A brand new charcoal Dodo t shirt has just been added to Goliath...

And it is available both short and LONG sleeved!

This is the first time we have ventured into the longer sleeved garment and hope you like it.

We are also now offering ladies fit as well as the usual mens. The ladies fit is just slightly more shaped (measurements are on the relevant pages)

The colour is a lovely dusty dark grey - called Charcoal apparently.

Happy New Year - Song of the Quarkbeast offer now on January 09 2013

 Welcome to 2013 - Goliath is back at the desk after a short break over Christmas.

We have just added a new item - "The Song of the Quarkbeast" in hardback

Goliath doesn't normally sell hardback books, but we have a limited offer of 100 copies of the hardback with a special postcard which will only be available with this book when purchased from Goliath.

So don't miss the chance...

Maggy Roberts Illustrations on sale December 10 2012

 The four illustrations by Maggy Roberts are currently on sale - they are reduced from £32.00 down to £25.00

Numbered individually

To fit mount aperture of 12 x 10 inches 

(35.5 x25.5 cm)

High Quality Giclee print

Watercolour style paper

Comes with stamp of authenticity on back and signed by Jasper

Sent in cardboard tube

Shades of Grey Infoganda - No.2 - Swans November 01 2012

 Here is number two in the Shades of Grey Infoganda series - this time swans...

Shades of Grey Infoganda - No. 1 - Lime October 24 2012

 Have you seen these Films? There are four in total.

Shades of Grey peril Infoganda number 1 - Lime

Click here to see on YouTube

More to follow...

Fiction Island Poster October 22 2012

 So....Due to popular demand, we now have a poster sized print of the Fiction Island illustration. This originally appeared as the frontispiece in "One of Our Thursdays is Missing". It is printed on high quality, Bockingford paper, which is slightly textured. It is A3 size and would look great framed.

Click here to see in the shop

We had quite a few requests for a print to be available as the map proved pretty popular. Sara from Boston even painted her bureau with her own version - 

"When One of Our Thursdays is Missing came out last month, I read it right away, and I thought the concept and layout of Fiction Island was so clever. In my room is a bureau made of unfinished wood that I draw on with paint-markers from time to time. One day shortly after completing TN-6, I noticed a glaringly empty space on said bureau. My first thought was "You know what would go great there? A scale map of Fiction Island!" So I made it so. It took probably about 2 1/2 hours, over the course of about 5 days, but it was totally worth it!"

And here it is:

Jasper is still away on tour in the States, but will be back on Nov 2nd, when he will sign and dedicate the pile of ordered books that await his return....

New stock in, but Jasper away until November! October 08 2012

 So... we now have a good stock of First Among Sequels with the bus cover design and a few flipback versions of Shades of Grey.

However none of these can be signed or dedicated until Jasper returns from his month long tour of the States - so the first week of November. You can order but there will be delay if you would like dedications.

Toast T Shirts are now on sale - as are a limited number of NCD t shirts in ladies extra small.

I would also like to add that the Goliath main hub computer is now well again and we have sent the carrier pigeon home.

Other than that...here's a photo from Sunday morning....



Technological hiccup September 26 2012

 There has been a small delay while Goliath's brand new mainframe computer goes to hospital for a minor operation. It had issues with its bluetooth. Hopefully it will be back at work tomorrow. In the meantime we have gone back to old technology and are updating the website by carrier pigeon.

The pigeons are very amenable and will dutifully carry messages to our hub computer as long as the grain is forthcoming.

So please excuse us if things are a little slow. We should be back to full speed very shortly.

We are also having a few problems getting our sticky mitts on copies of First Among Sequels with the bus on the cover. A delivery arrived, but they were the wrong covers! So apologies if you are awaiting an order. We will get them to you as soon as possible.

New products added September 18 2012

 Illustrations have just been added to the "other stuff" pages. These are high quality giclee prints on watercolour style paper and come with an authenticity stamp on the back. They are from original illustrations by Maggy Roberts. You can see her website here:


Maggy taught illustration for many years and is now concentrating on her own work. She exhibits frequently and can be contacted through Goliath should you wish to commission any work.

She has also contributed many postcard designs to the Jasper Fforde collection - like the Dodo postcard below

First order in! September 14 2012


The shop is now fully live and we have had our first order! Congratulations to Amanda who wins a mystery gift for being our very first Shopify customer.

We are having a few technical issues - mainly due to Goliath being a bit silly on the technical front and the fact that a delivery of JurisFiction t shirts is not quite ready. Hopefully they will be ready to ship out next week - so if you order a JurisFiction T please be patient - it won't be long.

We have also persuaded Jasper to model his Shades of Grey jacket for the site which can be seen in the "other stuff" category

A contact link has also been found and added to the bottom of the site, so if you want to get in touch it's a little easier now!

Time for a congratulatory cup of tea (in an Acme mug of course)

Feedback already September 13 2012


OK - I have just had word from Jasper that there is an interest in a SpecOps T Shirt in black. Hmmm. Sounds good to me. We are just investigating - will let you know the outcome.

Also interest in more ladies sizes. This is a very good point. I will definitely make more sizes available. Any t shirts printed from now on will have more womens sizes than just XS. 

All will be updated very soon.