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New Kazam Mugs now in store October 25 2013

It's taken a while - but we have just added the new Kazam mugs to the shop.

They are a simple white mug with the Kazam logo - Mystical Arts Management

Also added are a limited number of USA paperbacks of "The Last Dragonslayer"

Once these are gone we will not be getting any more in - so grab one now!

Also in the news....


Jasper is putting the finishing touches to "The Eye of Zoltar" - more on that soon.



Happy New Year - Song of the Quarkbeast offer now on January 09 2013

 Welcome to 2013 - Goliath is back at the desk after a short break over Christmas.

We have just added a new item - "The Song of the Quarkbeast" in hardback

Goliath doesn't normally sell hardback books, but we have a limited offer of 100 copies of the hardback with a special postcard which will only be available with this book when purchased from Goliath.

So don't miss the chance...