Shades of Grey


Shades of Grey


Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Girl then tries to kill boy - twice - the boy can see a lot of Red, and the girl can't see any colour at all, and that's something of a problem.

Welcome to the colour-obsessed world of Shades of Grey, which is set at least two world orders into the future. Visual colour has become commodified, the social pecking order and levels of authority are not based on intellect, cash, ability, or the best liar, but which colour you can see - Purples are at the top of the heap and Reds at the bottom, with the Greys who see no colour at all as the lowly drones of the collective.

Comes stamped with free postcard and signed by Jasper.

ISBN - 0-340-96305-0
Signed by Jasper
Stamped by Goliath
Dedication if requested - Subject to Author's discretion if too long, inappropriate or rude

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