The Constant Rabbit out in Paperback July 22 2021

Hello - once again it has been ages since the last post! We have had a few lockdowns here in Wales and Granny Goliath is now back home and remains Covid free.

Today is publication day for The Constant Rabbit and has provoked a little cleaning up at Goliath Towers. We have added the paperback to the products available so you can order a signed copy with a free postcard.


Jasper has produced the following to mark the day...


Publication of The Constant Rabbit



There are a few other books that you will see are marked as 'Sold Out' at the moment - this is because they are being reprinted by the publishers and we are awaiting their delivery. Some of them are taking a while so we didn't want anyone waiting in vain and decided to mark them as unavailable for the moment. Hopefully they will be back up on the shopfront soon.


The Constant Rabbit