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Shades of Grey Infoganda - No. 3 - Yateveo February 05 2013

 Here is number three in the series of Shades of Grey infogandas

Shades of Grey Infoganda - No.2 - Swans November 01 2012

 Here is number two in the Shades of Grey Infoganda series - this time swans...

Shades of Grey Infoganda - No. 1 - Lime October 24 2012

 Have you seen these Films? There are four in total.

Shades of Grey peril Infoganda number 1 - Lime

Click here to see on YouTube

More to follow...

First order in! September 14 2012


The shop is now fully live and we have had our first order! Congratulations to Amanda who wins a mystery gift for being our very first Shopify customer.

We are having a few technical issues - mainly due to Goliath being a bit silly on the technical front and the fact that a delivery of JurisFiction t shirts is not quite ready. Hopefully they will be ready to ship out next week - so if you order a JurisFiction T please be patient - it won't be long.

We have also persuaded Jasper to model his Shades of Grey jacket for the site which can be seen in the "other stuff" category

A contact link has also been found and added to the bottom of the site, so if you want to get in touch it's a little easier now!

Time for a congratulatory cup of tea (in an Acme mug of course)