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Fiction Island Poster October 22 2012

 So....Due to popular demand, we now have a poster sized print of the Fiction Island illustration. This originally appeared as the frontispiece in "One of Our Thursdays is Missing". It is printed on high quality, Bockingford paper, which is slightly textured. It is A3 size and would look great framed.

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We had quite a few requests for a print to be available as the map proved pretty popular. Sara from Boston even painted her bureau with her own version - 

"When One of Our Thursdays is Missing came out last month, I read it right away, and I thought the concept and layout of Fiction Island was so clever. In my room is a bureau made of unfinished wood that I draw on with paint-markers from time to time. One day shortly after completing TN-6, I noticed a glaringly empty space on said bureau. My first thought was "You know what would go great there? A scale map of Fiction Island!" So I made it so. It took probably about 2 1/2 hours, over the course of about 5 days, but it was totally worth it!"

And here it is:

Jasper is still away on tour in the States, but will be back on Nov 2nd, when he will sign and dedicate the pile of ordered books that await his return....