June 2020 June 05 2020

Hello - Goliath are not very good at committing to blog posts!

We are still operating at Goliath Towers during Covid-19 but are juggling orders with only being able to travel short distances, home schooling the Goliath kids and looking after Granny Goliath who is now 93! Apologies if we are a bit late with orders - we will get to you.

Our lovely printers at Old Forest Arts have said that they will print Fiction Island posters this weekend so if you have ordered a poster and it has not arrived yet it should be with you soon. Very sorry if you ordered back in April. We know it's a long wait - but we hope you understand.

Jasper is gearing up for the release of The Constant Rabbit which comes out next month. We will not be selling hardbacks as Independent booksellers need your purchases so much right now. Keep an eye on jasperfforde.com for updates and fun stuff.

Keep safe and stay well